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Our Commitment To Us

The Cleaning Solution is a supportive work environment. We work hard to find the perfect fit between our client's needs and our employee's skills, abilities and preferences. We understand that challenges encountered in life can affect the ability to work and be successful on the job. As a response, we support the "whole person" that our employees are. This approach has resulted in an 85% employee retention rate in a high turn over industry.

The framework that identifies the "life areas" that our Employment Support Program recognizes is depicted below.

The Cleaning Solutions

Biopsychosocial framework: an approach to describing and explaining how biological, psychological and social factors combine and interact to influence physical and mental health.

Through good communication, trusting relationships and confidentiality with our employees,TCS is an additional support in their lives that will be there when needed to facilitate the successful intersection of work and other parts of our employees' lives.

Some examples of types of support that have been given to our employees include: home visits, grocery purchase, mental illness support, accompaniment to doctor and psychiatrist appointments, family mediation, relationship support, advocacy for services, hugs... and many other needs.